Typography as Shape Making

For this project, I wanted to create my own letters, or typography. Based on Korean letters, I made my own rule that each letter will combine familiar geometric shapes and I will turn them into letters of my own making. Korean is made of consonants and vowels. To create a word at least one consonant and vowel are required. Some consonants and vowels in Korean look similar like ㄱ and ㄲ, and ㅏand ㅑ. I also combined this similarity into my own typography through shapes. Sentences will be expressed through the use of these geometric shapes, which will come from two different sources: my own personal experiences and more well-known or famous sayings.

Once I select a sentence or sentences, I read it repeatedly and wait for colors come to mind. I fill my imagination with various colors and extract some of the main colors among them. Then, based on the code I have created, I play with the colors. A small-colored square becomes a word, and multiple small-colored squares become a sentence. These small squares also generate different forms as their colors connect to the other squares.

I decided to conceal the meaning and codes for each shape. It is a secret that only I can recognize. Instead, I selected colors for the method to represent and indicate the meaning of the sentences. For this project, cold wax and oil paints are used. The thickness and deep colors help to add the mood to the paintings as well as to express the meaning of the sentences.