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A Young Angela Lee


A Young Lee is a visual artist based in Seoul, Korea. She is interested in language, communication, and emotions. Her works use a typography and a new language she created. Lee’s works do not suggest certain ways to read nor meaning behind her paintings because she respects and welcomes all the experiences and feelings people have, just like in verbal communication. The title of her works become the subjects of the conversations, and colors, texture, and shapes tell her stories. Viewers read or feel her works through their imagination, experiences, and so on. This circumstance is the ideal communication- no boundaries and no limits- that she desires.


Lee received BFA Illustration from Parsons School of Design in 2016 and MFA Fine Art from School of Visual Art in 2021. She is currently studying Ph.D Fine Arts program in Hongik University in Korea. Lee has participated exhibitions not only in Korea but also in various countries. She participated in the WOC residency in 2021, and she is currently a member of the Uncool Artist Practice.


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