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This Is Not a Fortune Cookie

This Is Not a Fortune Cookie is a work that was inspired by an experience I had before. I think that people tend to believe what they want to believe. So, I created fortune cookies, which include mysterious proverbs written by me. Those proverbs are written in English alphabets but more seem like random combinations of English letters and words. Some words are correctly spelled, while some words are not correctly spelled but understandable. In this work, having understandable proverbs or not does not matter. The more important thing is how people understand the proverbs and how they interpret them.  People can decide, whether the sayings they pick are positive or negative in meaning. Furthermore, deciding whether to believe or not believe what they interpret is up to them.

To see how people interpret the sayings, I asked people to write down their interpretations, and it was various. Some people guessed closet to its original meaning, while some people created whole new meaning. Eventually, just like the title, This Is Not a Fortune Cookie, my fortune cookies do not have a practical function, but people give a function to the cookie, because of delusion that sayings in fortune cookies always imply something. As a result, how people interpret the world around them becomes their own individual truth.

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