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A Painting a Month

I have been making paintings by writing using sentences or words that vary, depending on the day and how I feel at that moment. Every day, at a random time, I sit on a chair in front of a canvas. I pick the color and tool that I’m most attracted to at that moment and start to write what comes to my mind at that specific moment. I do not care about what or how I wrote before; I just paint over the previous layer. This activity is repeated daily. I start painting on a new canvas every first day of the month and end every last day of the month. As a result, each canvas eventually has about 30 layers and represents a specific month. Depending on the day, I use colors and brush strokes that reflect an awareness of my actions in various ways. When I paint, I follow my stream of my consciousness, regardless of what I painted previously. This process tracks my time as well as being a very honest dairy. My painting becomes a record of every day of my life. Because of this, I consider my work to be a form of self-portrait painting.

A Painting a Month: 텍스트
A Painting a Month: 선정 작품
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