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Statement: 소개

Artist Statement

I create my own words using circles, triangles, and squares. Words, writings, and works are completed, according to the positions of the figures. Instead of directly describing the content of the writing, I convey its emotion and feeling through various colors and textures depending on the writing style, evoking curiosity in the viewers with their imaginations, experiences, and memories. Communicating emotions through color leads to different thoughts and ideas because each viewer has their own cultural and personal experience. These perspectives are not limited to the language, country, or culture, but rather, they serve as a means of communication and emotional exchange with diver people who go beyond linguistic communication. This is another form of communication that transcends linguistic communication.

My own language is a character in which the existence of myself in my ‘world’ in the work is expressed through pure and honest characters that do not reveal their meanings nor systems, allowing writing to break free from right and wrong and express itself freely. The system of writing and painting allows for a continuous dialogue with myself, and the pouring out of my thoughts in a candid manner. My works express a desire for communication and, at the same time, are the result of mental relief. The reason I created my own writing style also reflects my utopian aspiration of realizing my long-time dream of talking with various people using “language”. While my works conveys a specific message apparently, the act of creating them provides satisfaction, allowing me to acknowledge, express and alleviate my psychological distress, and serve a therapeutic role by giving me positive energy even without a response.

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