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Statement: 소개

Artist Statement

Outside: I create my own words using circles, triangles, and squares. Words, writings, and works are completed, according to the positions of the figures. I use various materials and colors depending on the style of writing to convey its emotion and feeling, evoking curiosity in the viewers with their imaginations, experiences, and memories. The feelings of the people looking at my feeling expressions, I think of this as an exchange of emotions, and another communication beyond simple verbal communication.

Inside: Language is said to be one of the representations of a nation's ethnicity. As of this point, I think of myself as a people. My own language is a character in which the existence of myself in my ‘world’ in the work is used purely and honestly, and as I use it over and over again -the more works I make-, my identity and subjectivity become distinctly established. The system of writing and painting forces me to face my thoughts about constantly having conversations with myself and pouring them out candidly. When I refer to myself and my life as a work, I face the same results within my art ‘world’ as our lives do not go as we have planned. My works begin with the establishment of a plan and end up with unexpected results by encountering an unexpected element, called emotions. This makes life -my works- more colorful and mature. Therefore, making each work represents my growth, and the result is the history and record of my world.

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